Gentleness and Masculinity

I have a natural inclination toward timidity and indecisiveness. Being a biblically convicted complimentarian, I have been reminded of my need to developing mature strength to lead my family. The other day, I jotted this down on my phone and I thought I would share:

Every mature man should have the capacity for strength and tenacity. Meekness, love, and gentleness have no value otherwise. They are simply weakness. A man should, within his capacity, be able to be fierce when need be, both physically and emotionally. Such was the fierceness of Christ when he turned the tables in the temple. That fierceness should only be used on a rare occasion, but those for whom he is responsible to protect should know it is there. It should be kept inside, submissive to the lordship of Jesus Christ, controlled by gentleness and selfless love. That gentleness should, however, never be confused with weakness, but strength under control. Then, gentleness as true gentleness can exist within the capacity for strength. Such gentleness was seen in our Lord when he, the Creator and Judge of the world stood before Pontius Pilate silent.

When a husband is tenderly caring toward his wife, she should sense that he is being tender, not weak. When a professional man is kind and loving to colleagues, they should see it as intentionality, not timidity.

May this not be misconstrued. When others see a godly man, they should not primarily notice his fierceness and strength, but his gentleness and love, but this is only because they recognize that he is as he is on purpose, and not because he is unable to be anything else. 


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