I’m An Idealist, and I’m Learning to Cope with It

Being a highly introverted, slightly anti-social, B-type idealist, I tend not to be the most pragmatic go-getter.

Don’t get me wrong, I do have a lot of vague and lofty ideas about what I would like to accomplish with my life. When someone asks me about how I hope to carry out those ideas, my response (In my head. I’m an introvert) usually feels something like, “well…don’t be such a pessimist!”

I have, however, begun to develop a philosophy that structures my dream world: when I have an idea, I just do it.

I know, it sounds a bit idealistic. I do have a method. When an idea pops in my head, I decide to act on it immediately. Usually what this looks like at first is determining to do some kind of research into what my idea would require of me.

When I take this first step, one of two things happens. Either of them is helpful.

In the first (and more common) scenario, I quickly realize that the idea is a bad or unrealistic idea. I then no longer have to deal with it floating in my head. I can move on to better and more feasible things. For example, I thought of trying to pick up a trade to try to help pay for my schooling. One read through a blog about how to become an electrician showed me that it wasn’t quite a realistic expectation.

On the other hand, I may actually begin to see an idea come to fruition. It may fizzle out along the way, but I don’t have to wonder “what if.” It may even be carried out, and I can begin to see my idealism benefit me.

I have seen this play out in two specific areas recently.

In the first, it has been a distant dream of mine for some time to become a biblical scholar. I’m not sure whether I just thought that it wouldn’t happen or whether it would just kind of happen on its own, but I was afraid to really act on it. Eventually, I realized that, if I think this could be a good thing to do, I should take the steps to pursue it. I immediately got in touch with some mentors who have done it, and some friends who are further along the way than I am. Following some of the advice given to me, I applied to some schools, and before I knew it, my wife and I are making plans to go to Wheaton to pursue an MA in biblical exegesis. I truly never thought I would be doing this, but I couldn’t have known until I tried.

In the second scenario, I have had the idea of trying to become a writer in some capacity. My first goal was to start a blog. I finally decided to look into what blogging required. I took some time to set a goal for myself, and now I am starting. I hope my writing and approach will develop over time, but I had to start somewhere.


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