About Josh and this Blog

I am a Christian; am happily married to my best friend, Amanda; and am a student of the Bible and theology.

To clarify the above description, it is always tempting to exchange “Christian,” with something like “follower of Christ,” in order to set myself apart from those who might label themselves likewise and are less genuine. I have realized, however, that to insist on such a distinctive accolade is both redundant and arrogant. A Christian is nothing short of a disciple of Christ and I do my fair share of tarnishing the term myself.

This blog is an extension of an attempt to be Christian, Christian in every aspect, submitting every idiosyncrasy about myself over to Christ, as nothing more than one among the rest of the tattered saints who call ourselves “church.”

The flavor of this blog is going to be reflective and devotional. So, the content will be less refined than frequent. It is not designed to attract a high readership, but to be an honest outpouring of one practicing the habit renewing the mind and heart for Christ. For me the blog is a personal extension of my academic disciplines, to teach me to express myself in public in a way that will (hopefully) point other to Jesus.

The reader may benefit from this blog in a devotional way. I do not have any level of expertise in one subject. My strength is probably best found in thoughtfulness and an ability to express abstract things in a way that makes sense.

The topics may range from spiritual formation, book reviews, theology, and current events. For an example of what my writing style is like, check out Why I Am Becoming Presbyterian, Progressive Redemption and the Denominational Divide, A Proper Motivation for Discipline and Asceticism, or Some Reflections on Books.

I have a more technical blog on New Testament studies [currently in the works] for any who are interested.


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